CT Calcium Score

What is CT Calcium Score?

CT Cardiac Calcium score is a non-invasive test used to provide an estimation of the amount of coronary artery plaque a patient may have by identifying the extent of calcified coronary artery plaque using a CT scanner.

This examination can help assess the risk of a possible cardiac event within five years – the more plaque the higher the risk of an adverse cardiac event.

CT Coronary Calcium Score generates a numerical score, which has been shown to be much more accurate at predicting risk than standard risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, age, etc).

Who should have a CT Cardiac Calcium score done?

A CT Calcium score study is generally used to assess asymptomatic patients with moderate risk of coronary heart disease. CT Calcium Score is not suitable for patients with established coronary disease, clinical history of heart attack or stent insertion.

Preparation for the procedure

Cease all caffeine 24 hours prior to the scan.

What is the cost of a CT Cardiac Calcium score?

CT Calcium Score studies have no Medicare eligibility. Patients attending for this examination will incur a $180 fee.