High St Xray Introduces Nuclear Medicine Services

High St Xray is pleased to announce the commencement of Nuclear Medicine services from 27th January 2015. Nuclear Medicine is a highly specialized medical imaging test that is usually performed in a hospital environment. In another first for Regional Victoria we are pleased to be able to offer this service in an out-of-hospital setting.

Diagnostic imaging services most often assess structural information about the body, eg. an Xray is able to detect broken bones. Nuclear medicine differs from other diagnostic imaging services in that it is able to assess the function of cells and tissues in our body, ie. are the functioning normally? In addition to this the new service at High St Xray incorporates SPECT CT which means it can also assess structural information at the same time. The ability to assess both the function and structure of our bodies makes this test invaluable in the diagnosis of a range of medical conditions including; the detection of coronary artery disease, the detection of bone infection and arthritis, the staging of various types of cancer and the detection of cancer recurrence, the assessment of thyroid disease and kidney disease.

High St Xray is Bendigo’s premier radiology clinic offering a wide range of modern diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures in a comfortable outpatient setting. Our experienced and professional staff will individually tailor examinations to your needs and provide a prompt report to your referring doctor. Our specialists bring many years of experience and expertise gained in eminent institutions, both nationally and internationally.

At our modern clinic you will be treated with compassion and confidentiality in a relaxed environment while receiving state of the art medical care.