Privacy Policy

Keystone Radiology Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

We are wholly committed to protecting our patients’ and future patients’ privacy. Your health information (including the information you provide to us) is the foundation of the high standard of care that we strive to provide. This is why we adhere to strict privacy requirements under the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) and all relevant State legislation. We also abide by the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) which are governed by the Australian Information Commissioner in accordance with and subject to the Privacy Act.

This Privacy Policy sets out how Keystone Radiology Pty Ltd, trading as Sovereign Radiology, High Street X-Ray and Shepparton Nuclear Medicine, and its associated entities, collects, uses, discloses and otherwise handles and retains personal information of our patients.

Our collection of personal information

In order to properly provide our service, we must collect and retain information about you. Your personal information enables us to provide our medical imaging services including medical care to patients. We collect personal information from you and also about you from third parties, including from your referring Healthcare Professional and/or Medical Specialist.

Sharing of your personal information

We may occasionally hire other companies to provide services on our behalf, including but not limited to handling customer support enquiries, processing transactions or customer freight shipping. Those companies will be permitted to obtain only the personal information they need to deliver the service. Keystone Radiology takes reasonable steps to ensure that these organisations are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information.

Your personal information

The personal information we collect and hold comprises key information, sensitive information & health information.

Key information includes:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • telephone number
  • residential and postal addresses
  • email address

Sensitive information is a special category of personal information and includes, but is not limited to, information about racial or ethnic origin and philosophical or religious beliefs or affiliations.

In the course of providing our health services to our patients, we collect and hold health information and records which includes:

  • results of any tests or procedures
  • information about your past medical/clinical history
  • information provided by referring Healthcare Professionals and/or Medical Specialists regarding your treatment
  • information (including administrative information) provided by third parties (including government departments)

The collection of any personal information will be at the direction or consent of the patient, or alternatively as permitted or required under Australian law.

Using your personal information

We will use your personal information for:

  • assessing and reviewing your health
  • providing a medical report as directed by you or your Healthcare Professional
  • providing treatment and ongoing health care to you
  • billing and other administrative purposes
  • sending out notifications to you regarding your care
  • providing you with information regarding our business that may be helpful to you
  • notifying relevant and authorised organisations about your health as directed by you

Disclosure of your personal information

We do not sell or disclose any of the personal information about our patients to other health organisations, people or even pharmaceutical companies who are not involved in your medical care.

We may need to use and disclose your personal information where it is reasonably necessary and relevant in the context of your treatment to organisations outside Keystone Radiology for medical, insurance, ethical and/or procedural reasons. These organisations / people may include:

  • your Healthcare Professional who referred you to us;
  • Medical Specialists or other consultant Healthcare Professionals who have been involved in your care and requested the information
  • healthcare contractors with whom we have strict confidentiality agreements in place
  • hospital staff (clinical, medical and ward)
  • private health insurance companies
  • government health services or enforcement bodies in appropriate situations
  • any organisations required by law

Data security and destruction of information

All reasonable steps are taken to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss; and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We are subject to strict obligations under State and Territory laws as to the retention of health information and records. We will normally retain your personal information for a minimum of seven years from the date we last provided services to you.

If personal information held by us is no longer needed for any purpose for which it may be used or disclosed, we will take reasonable steps to have it destroyed or de-identified.

Data breaches and personal information

In the unlikely event of a data breach relating to personal information we hold about you, we will take all reasonable steps to contain and remedy the effects of the breach. We will act promptly to comply with our mandatory reporting obligations under the Privacy Act. If required by the Privacy Act, we will assess the breach and notify both you and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner as soon reasonably possible after becoming aware of the breach. We will aim to provide you with timely advice to assist you in managing any loss which may result from the breach.

Accuracy of personal information

If you believe that there are any errors in any information we hold about you, or you have changed your personal details (name, address or Medicare number) please contact us at:

Level 1, 210 Sturt Street, Ballarat, Victoria 3350 or by email to: as soon as possible.

Our service to you relies upon the accuracy of your information.

Access to your information

You may request access to your personal information by contacting your local Keystone Radiology clinic.  Where the information was collected prior to 1 July 2002, certain restrictions to access apply. Some exceptions apply to access rights by patients and clients, such as where access would constitute a serious threat to the patient’s life or health.

Transfer of records

Patients may request transfer of their health information from one health service provider to another.

Overseas transfers of personal information

We do not generally disclose personal information to recipients located outside Australia. 

Consequences if you don’t provide requested information

Where you do not wish to provide us with your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with requested services or respond to your query.


You may make a complaint about how we have treated your personal information or privacy in general.  Please send your complaint to:

Level 1, 210 Sturt Street, Ballarat, Victoria 3350 or by email to: 

The complaint will be investigated and a response will be sent to you as quickly as possible.

If you are dissatisfied with the response, you can refer the matter to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.